Embellishing A Small Pond With A Homemade Fountain And Lighting

If an individual recently had a small pond installed in their back yard and would like to embellish the water feature, they can add a homemade fountain and lighting by completing the steps below. The results can be enjoyed day and night and will draw attention to a piece of property.


  • concrete blocks
  • sturdy plastic pot
  • plastic sheeting
  • luminescent spray paint
  • self-adhesive stencils
  • paintbrush
  • power drill
  • scissors
  • rubber tubing
  • measuring tape
  • submersible water pump
  • electrical source
  • LED waterproof lighting
  • light stakes

Preparing Concrete Blocks And A Pot

One or two concrete blocks can be used to support small pond fountains. The blocks should be set in the center of a pond. A sturdy plastic flowerpot needs to be placed on top of a table that has been covered with plastic sheeting. After securing self-adhesive stencils to the pot’s exterior, luminescent spray paint can be used to fill in each one. Paint needs to dry thoroughly before carefully removing each stencil. A power drill can be used to make a hole in the bottom of the pot.

Connecting Tubing And A Water Pump And Installing Lights

One end of a piece of rubber tubing that is a few feet long needs to be inserted through the hole that is in the bottom of the pot. The other end of the tubing should be secured to a submersible water pump. The pot can be placed on top of the concrete blocks and the pump should be set inside of the pond. Waterproof lighting can be installed in various parts of the pond. Lights that are secured to stakes can be inserted around the pond’s perimeter.

After the submersible pump is plugged in and the pump’s power is turned on, water will move through the tubing and fill the pot. Once the pot is filled, water will flow over its rim. During the daytime, photons that are emitted by the sun’s rays will be absorbed by the luminescent paint that was added to the pot. The luminescent paint will glow when it is dark out and the lighting that was installed will enhance the water feature.