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Methods of Dealing with Revenge Pornography Nowadays the world has become more intriguing. Thanks to the availability of technology, people can do all kinds of stuff. Whether it is with their camera or their phone, folks are always creating novel ways of entertaining themselves. Unfortunately, this fun can sometimes go out of hand. Too many people trust that when they sext or send nudes to their partners, the pictures or videos will be kept in good faith. This action is sometimes taken overboard. When an individual decides to get back at you because of one reason or another through posting your naked pictures or videos on the internet then you are a victim of revenge pornography. This can be a hard and traumatizing time for many victims. Here are a few ways to deal with revenge pornography if it happens to you. Go to the Police In many areas revenge pornography is considered a crime. This is why you should immediately report the matter when you find someone has done this to you.
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Understand the Law Before you go to the cops you should know what your legal options are. Apparently you cannot report such a case if it can be proven that you are in an actual relationship.
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Try Therapy In many instances a victim or revenge pornography might end up hurting themselves further. Not everyone is the same. If you have psychological trouble during this time it is better to see a counselor who can help. Of course, the damage has been done, but how you manage the situation can mean a lot. Document Everything When you find yourself as a victim of revenge pornography, you need to make sure that you document everything. If taking legal action in the future is part of your agenda this can really come in handy. Get some screenshots of the online posts that can be used as evidence in your case. Moreover, you need to be aware that you should collect more evidence other than the images. Make sure that you get screenshots of your name appearing on the search engine platforms in relation to the images and the texts you have received as a result of the images. This can be utilized as proof of a tainted reputation. Even though sometimes it might be inevitable to miss a few things, you should know that what you document can help you fight your case in court. Request for the Material to be Removed The next thing someone should focus on after getting the right legal counsel is how to get the images removed online. You reputation can continue suffering if you choose to allow the images to make rounds online. Your attorney should make it their business to make sure that no image remains online.