The Growing Popularity of Hip Flasks Handmade in England

The flask was an invention that had existed in a variety of forms for centuries before it became a trendy accessory for the well-to-do. The basic flask would have been crafted in the 19th century of glass, pewter or silver and curved to hug the body easier and remain difficult to detect. It grew even more popular in the 1920s as people attempted to skirt prohibition laws.

Flasks became less common for two reasons. The first is because of legal concerns. Most states have laws against carrying open containers of alcohol and drivers could receive a ticket if found with a flask, even if they were not drinking at the time. The second reason for the declining use is the availability of alcohol. Most restaurants offer alcoholic beverages as well as stadiums, outdoor arenas and many other public places. However, habits are beginning to change and flasks are becoming a trendy option for men and women.

  • Pop culture has reintroduced them to the public by showing TV characters with flasks and by Hollywood stars being photographed using them in public.
  • Flask makers are manufacturing modern designs and offering colorful lines of flasks specifically for women.
  • The small containers are quality-made, easy to customize and readily available online.

It is cheaper to bring a flask than to purchase overpriced cocktails from a bar when heading out for the night. It is also a way to ensure that the best whiskey, vodka or bourbon is always available no matter where the party is happening. Of course, it is not uncommon for people to want to use a flask as a nod to history and a bit of rebellious bravado rather than as a money saving strategy. Carrying hip flasks handmade in England also makes the wearer look sophisticated and hip with a taste for the better things in life. Of course, it is important to be cautious about when and where a flask is revealed. Avoid waving it around in public places where alcohol is prohibited, never allow it to be accessible to anyone under the legal drinking age and always avoid risking a career by carrying it to work.